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The Foundry is an innovative software development company with a primary focus on delivering world-class web, mobile and enterprise solutions.

Our philosophy is to create smart solutions backed by advanced analytics. We can convert a complex task to an easy solution and make this solution attractive. Our profound expertise helps us get the most of web technologies and expertly meet clients’ challenges. We have successfully accomplished multiple projects that include web interfaces, e-commerce websites, web and mobile services and apps.

Our pride is a friendly and united team of creative adherents who possess both professional and personal qualities, which allow achieving amazing results in a positive atmosphere.

Our engineers are proficient with mainstream technologies and platforms, use established development processes and Agile methodologies to deliver solutions to the customers across the globe. In our practice we place emphasis on Agile's connection as a philosophy, SCRUM as a methodology of management on projects and the major eCommerce platforms and frameworks as necessary, useful and natural working tools in development. The Foundry’s team leverages cutting-edge technologies in our products, always with a keen focus on design and usability and offer consulting services as a bonus for our clients.

We stick to the highest standards in all stages of working on a module. Our team starts with an idea and goes all the way through development, quality assurance, and customer service.

We're available for contact 24/7, and always ready and willing to discuss your ideas. You can trust us with your most valuable and ambitious projects.


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